Guide To Woman’s Hair Types

You think you know what sort of hair you have, but you can’t seem to locate things that will work for it. You might not be as in sync with your type of hair as you thought. Identifying your hair type might well be more accessible than it sounds. Aside from the apparent classifications like straight, wavy, curly, as well as coily, there are various more aspects to consider when determining your unique hair types, such as porosity and scalp moisture. Following is the guide to woman’s hair types which can help you to determine your actual hair type as there are woman’s different hair types:

Straight Hair

Straight hair is categorized as the first kind. Straight hair has the most shine. It also has the most substantial tensile strength of any hair kind. This hair structure is difficult to damage and almost impossible to curl. It is the oiliest hair texture because the sebum (natural oil generated in the scalp’s hair follicles) gradually makes its way from the scalp towards the ends without interruption from curls or kinks.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is a cross between straight and wavy hair. There is a tiny curl around the end of the hair with this style. Because of its rough surface and large diameter, wavy hair is excellent for styling. However, how you style its texture will determine it. If you have thin hair, the style will be simple, but it will be more challenging if you have thick hair.

woman hair types

Curly Hair

The most straightforward technique to tell whether your hair seems curly is not to look for an ‘S’ pattern in your hair strands. Straightening curly hair is quite challenging. Regardless matter how much it is straightened, it tends to retain its original form. Straight as well as wavy hair has less volume and substance than curly hair. The main issue that affects curly hair is that it should be prone to frizz and easily tangles.